About Our Company

The partner for your automation with over 25 years of project experience.

'Aurati' is specialized in automating processes with Siemens DCS and PLC systems. A perfect automated production process helps you to be more competitive and to produce excellent quality work. We have vast experience to achieve this goal. You can contact us for both the conversion of your current installation to a new, efficient and up- to-date computer system and your brand-new installation that certainly deserves the most high-tech controls . Automate with Aurati can be a safe conduct to a better, faster, more optimal, flexible and reliable production process.

  • All automation products from Siemens:

- DCS-systems : Teleperm M, PCS7
- PLC-systems : Simatic S5, Simatic S7
- Scada-systems : Coros, WinCC, Op
- Bussystems : Industrial Ethernet, Profibus, all kinds of serial links ( also with non- Siemens PLC's)

This diversity needs to be done only rely on AURATI systems of different generations as well as migration from one system to another.

  • Different branches:

- Paper industry : from raw material plant to full production and also side- activities such as power generation, water treatment, quality control and reporting
- Chemical industry
- Drinking water and water treatment plants
- Food industry
- Steel industrie

  • More than 25 years of project experience:

- From programmer to project manager
- Responsibility both technically and financially
- Still contact partners within Siemens

  • Competitive prices

Due to low overhead costs are competitive prices for the widest possible service one of our greatest assets.

  • Structured and object-oriented programming

Thus a high degree of familiarity and usability is achieved and everyone can make changes.

  • Developing standards 

Those self-made developments ensure that the standards can be easily adapted to any specific customer requirement.

  • Unambiguous documentation system

The documentation is the source of the program and is kept together with the program.

  • No middlemen

Appointments are not lost and no technically impossible things are promised.

  • Total Projects

We collaborate with an electro- installation firm (see partners), coordination and final responsibility remains with AURATI.


You as a customer decides according to the requirements of the project and how to work together:

  • Flat rate or hourly basis.
  • For full installation or part installation.
  • Alone or in collaboration with people from your company or subcontractor.
  • All the above activities in the context of a project or only those activities that are necessary for your business.